Painting Beirut Red…with Underground Paintball

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Underground Paint Ball

There is plenty of regular fun in Beirut. The city is absolutely live and filled to the brim with excitement. Museums, diving, restaurants, nightlife, Beirut has it all. While fun, these many bits of tourism are predictable. What we’re about to offer is anything but ordinary.

Not to say any of the above lack merit, these parts are all integral to a city visit, but sometimes you need a change up. Beirut offers layer upon layer of fun, and buried deep in the city’s underground is a unique slice of para-military fun. It’s time to earn that cocktail, Rambo style.

Photos by Bryan Denton

Paintball Underground Setting

The setting reminds me of De_Dust in Counter Strike.

Located in an underground bunker, once a saw mill, Underground Paintball is harmless, high octane fun set to liven up any Lebanese holiday. For the uninitiated, paintball is a thrilling exercise in team, strategy, and shoot-em-up. To be clear, there is no actual live ammo used. Instead, competitors are issued arms designed to shoot balls of paint. Each team is given a separate color, and where the rules can be tweaked according to the competitors, the basic principle is that if you’re shot, you’re out for the round. There are other games like trying to catch the the other team’s flag or base, but more often than not, the last person standing stands for the winning team.

Paintball Underground Team

The suits offer good enough protection. Underneath you wear a stiff chest armor piece, so you should be ok.

Does paintball hurt? Well, kind of. Paintballs are known to leave a welt or two. When the ball makes contact it can pinch a bit, but there are many controls put in place to minimize real injuries. Players at Underground Paintball are outfitted with a protective jumpsuit as well as a full face helmet. The guns, while modeled after M16′s and AK-47′s, are powered by a controlled burst of pressurized air. Unlike the pump guns of our youth, the burst is preset to control any overzealous weekend warriors. Best case scenario, you have a perfect strategy, emerge unscathed, and victorious. Worst case scenario, you have a sweet bruise to show off to the cool kids at the beach. No pain, no gain, but really, no paintball, no fun.

Paintball Underground Grenadier

You can also use grenades. These splash paint all over the place, so watch out!

Underground Paintball offers a number of packages at a reasonable price. For around 20 US dollars, you gan get the full set up along with 200 balls. Refills of 100 balls go for around seven dollars. You can even buy a flash grenade if you have some deep seated action movie fantasies to be exercised. With a great course outfitted with barrels and sand bags, this Hazmieh location is ideal for paintball fun and near the best Beirut hotels.

Fun for the whole family, something to get the adrenaline valve wide open, Underground Paintball could be the paint splattered fun your vacation needs.

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